About us

Enspro was founded in 1998 after the restructuring of Zakład Energetyczny Białystok S.A. (Białystok Energy Company), and until the end of 2011 was owned by PGE Dystrybucja S.A. Today, the Enspro Design Studio is part of the Elmont Grupa corporate group, alongside Elektromontaż Wschód sp. z o.o. [Ltd.] and  Białostockie Przedsiębiorstwo Instalacji Elektrycznych sp. z o.o. [Ltd.] (Białystok Electrical Installations Company)

For years, the core of Enspro’s business was designing electrical infrastructure and instruments over a full range of voltages (high, medium, and low) for commercial power companies (mainly PGE), companies investing in renewable energy sources, industry and other businesses.

Enspro Design Studio is the leader of North-Eastern Poland in terms of:

– industry experience (over 15 years, wide range of specialities, professionalism certified by our references)

– performance capacity (design teams composed of qualified designers, modern offices with state of the art computer equipment and appliances, as well as specialist computer assisted design software)

– familiarity and good cooperation with local administration bodies, PGE and other relevant institutions.

We are members of:
1. Podlaskie District Chamber of Civil Engineers.
2. Association of Polish Electrical Engineers
3. Elmont GRUPA corporate group 




Enspro Design Studio is implementing a project with the support of the European Union within Easter Poland Operational Programme, 1st stage of measure 1.4: “Equation for competition”:

“Conduction of model audits in order to make the offer of Enspro Design Studio more attractive”

Aim of the project:        Conduction of model audits and using them do develop recommendation in the form of model strategies.
Planned outcomes:       Model strategy of the company.
Value of the project:      144,648.00 PLN
ERDF contribution:       99,960.00 PLN

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